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Saturday, 16 May 2015

DQ has been Greenlit!

Quick explanation for my absence: 

Sorry for being so quite for 3 weeks, but that thing life is taking all my attention.

My wife has had a serious back operation. Seeing as we live in a very small town we had to drive to the big city. We are staying with my in-laws and and my wife is in the early stages of recovery. Between caring for her and my 3 year old daughter and being away from home is really effecting my indie development.

The dust is settling and we are slowly but surely getting back in a routine. My PC is set up and I have sorted out my internet connection problems.

Delta Quadrant

DQ has been greenlit way faster than I had anticipated. 51 days! Thank you again to

It was only 74% on it's way to the Top 100 when it got greenlit. So again, the whole process of getting greenlit is a complete mystery.

My final greenlight stats

I will hopefully start the steam integration and some requested features this week for the steam version.

DQ has also been accepted on desura! I want to provide everyone who bought the greenlight bundle on groupees with desura keys. If and how I am not sure yet. This is my first ever full release of a game and I am still learning how everything works. But know this, I will try my best to send you the keys.

Catch a Falling Star

Ludum Dare was a blast! Rudi and I had so much fun, that we started to play around with a new prototype game Rudi wanted to create. His wickedly talented wife is helping us with the graphics and art for the game.

All this led to Rudi joining the team! He will basically be helping with everything, as he is a man of many skills and disciplines. Programming, game design, marketing, even some graphics and motivating me :D

It will be a mobile only game. Currently we are aiming for a casual and relaxing game with highscore tables. Some upgrade mechanics to spice things up and unlockable eye candy. It will be free to play with no hidden in app purchases.

We also have to make a living and so decided to try some ads for this game. It will not be present in the main game screen and will only display between game sessions.

Here is some concept art created for the game:

Catch a Falling Star

We still have to stay here in the big city for at least 5 weeks.

But I will definitely get some development done.



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