Delta Quadrant on Steam

Friday, 29 May 2015

Quick update

I have sent the Desura keys to Groupees for Delta Quadrant and you all should be receiving it :D

As far as the steam version goes, I need get in contact with the IRS in order to receive an ITIN number. The Individual Assistance number still says that they are closed.

I tried the International Call Center, but this time they told me that my call would be handled in 30 - 60 min time. Now that is a lot of money and time that I decided to try next week and see if my luck isn't better.

Rudi and I have also been busy with Falling Star and the prototype is coming together quite well indeed!

Rudi is also now a full partner in Alister Software, so I am not a full one man indie team anymore. It is wonderful to have someone to brain storm with, criticize my work and that we need to show each other progress. 

Have a great weekend! I just bought Distant Worlds on special at steam, so I have some epic space strategy and just one more turn addiction this weekend :P



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