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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Do my homework!

I believe in doing ones homework, especially when paying money for something. So why in the world didn't I do it when I paid Google my $25 developer registration?

Maybe because I blindly love Google and all things Google. But the problem wasn't just them, but also this wonderful third world dark Africa country called South Africa. So I paid my 25 bucks and got the Developers Console screen in front of me and I am all excited and pumped!!! 

So I click the "Set up a merchant account now". An all white page with just a little message at the top appears that says:

Nothing else! Nothing to click or get more information! Nothing? Just unsupported? I would have really REALLY appreciated it when I entered my information and country with the registration process BEFORE I paid my $25. Just a little warning, just like that one at the top saying "WARNING: Your country South Africa is not supported as a merchant". Is that too much to ask? Anyway, enough venting my anger and disappointment. The fault also lies with South Africa being so far-far behind the rest of the world.

So what now? I was planning to release Delta Quadrant on the play store for a few dollars. I don't like the whole free to play and ads direction. Which is my personal opinion and not something I have done my homework on yet. It is also easier to just sell it like I want it, not change the flow of my game or add new mechanics to accommodate ads or what have you.

My new plan thus far is to release a "demo" version ad free on the play store with just the first two levels. This will not only help me get some exposure, but also let people try the game and see what they think and to see if it actually runs on other devices. :P

I am thinking of creating a payment service on my website where people can come and buy it directly from me. But again I still need to do a lot more homework on that subject. 

For now I decided to focus my efforts on DQ to finish it. The main mechanics, features and story are finished. Now to the part I am not good at ART. I bought a UI design on special on the Unity Asset Store called Fantasy Gui Pack which provides me with a base design I can modify for my needs.

 Fantasy Gui Pack

So wish me good luck with trying to create a good looking UI for DQ. Hopefully next week I can show you a screenshot of my work :)


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  1. Oh no, good to know about Google's merchant account issue in dark South Africa... Good luck with the artwork for your game!