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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Side quest - Blender 3d

In my search for sprites and ideas on Google for my UI designs, I found this wonderful site FREE 3D Sci-fi models!!! - with CC3 license of course.

But, I had no 3D design knowledge except for playing around in Unity 3d. This was to good to be true and I love the models and the style. So off to the wonderful world of you tube and tutorials. 

I started with the helpful videos from Chris DeLeon. His videos helped me before when learning more about Unity. His videos on Light Hook (Collaborative Freeware Game) where they design levels in blender and then use it in Unity, was extremely useful. 

After that I had the basics of blender under control and I didn't feel so overwhelmed anymore. I still needed a bit more advanced blender focused skills. 

BornCG came to my rescue. Blender tutorials galore! Everything from UV mapping and the mirror modifier to materials and nodes. I learned more about shaders and how they effect textures. I'm still not through all the tutorials, but I couldn't wait anymore. So I imported my first ship from sol command - The Ghost Ship.

Here is a before (on import) and after I played around with what I learned this week. Remember I am a programmer not a graphics designer. For now I am happy with the out come mostly thanks to the wonderful people I mention here above.Seeing this is a 2d top down game I focused my efforts on the top side of the ship. I also shortened it and added a weapon or hard point on top.

Then the result of all my hard work. Here is the before and after for the Delta Quandrant UI. All the weapon models or sprites on the button are also from sol command.

I am 90% happy with the result, need some fine tuning. Rest of the week is more UI work for me. Hopefully more screenshots next week and some more side quests :D

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