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Saturday, 28 February 2015

One man team

I feel like a one man team with communication issues or without leadership. In other word chaos :D

Like I have said before... I would love to create and code games! Not marketing and graphics.

Marketing: This week I had to provide details and info on my game for someone to take a look at. Which is an area I found greatly lacking. I still need to create a official website for Delta Quadrant with a press kit and so forth. For when people have question about the game.

Graphics: Also graphic design  and blender 3d work for my UI. This is coming along nicely and I am very happy with what I have accomplished for my limited experience with it. If I can just bring in enough money to hire a game artist in the future it will make me the happiest indie in the world.

Tester: I play tested my game a lot this week. For all the usual things like balance, feel, bugs and does this make any sense?

Support: Needed to handle feedback from people testing and reporting bugs. Figuring out how to recreate the bug on my side to fix the problem.

Code: Finally! Never knew I would be happy for some bugs. Anything to code :D

What a hectic week with all the hats I had to wear. Not to mention the big hats of husband and father. Still if I look back I am happy with all the progress this week.

I finished a Beta 2.4 version of my game that I uploaded to FlexIndie to hopefully make some money. But more importantly have a few more people test my game for any problems. Seeing that FlexIndie is a new market, I would not get flooded with bugs, problems and questions to fast.

The end is in sight. March should be the month I finish Delta Quadrant. Don't get me wrong I love DQ, but for almost 2 years in the making... I can't wait to start something new. Maybe a smaller project first, have some fun. Ooo Ludum Dare 32 is 17th of April! :D

New screenshost:

Till next week.


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