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Thursday, 5 March 2015

Blender 3d Video Editing and FlexIndie

If you love something, set it free?

Set it free? No way! I am gonna lock it up in a "box", put it on a "shelf" to sell at FlexIndie. I didn't go the freemium route and decided to charge $3 for my game.

The other problem is, that I still have millions of little things I want to add or change in DQ. But I had to stop somewhere, or it will never see the light of another player's screen. It is scary and exciting all at the same time!

My game needed a trailer to show people what it's about. So I read that my new buddy Blender 3d can also edit videos! This time I watched Paul Caggegi 's tutorials on you tube. Learned about the timeline, transitions, short-cut keys and key frames. Luckily I have some little flash experience, so everything wasn't to hard to learn.

I wasn't happy with the first video, but I learned a lot. The second video is better, but it still needs something...

FlexIndie is my first ever attempt at putting my game "out there". The support and response of John Riselvato at FlexIndie was friendly and efficient. Today is the first Friday of the month, where you can Pay What You Want for any game on the market. So hurry up and go grab some games for the weekend.

If you buy my game Delta Quadrant, please give me some feedback. I want to learn and improve my game development.

Instead of a screenshot I will post my newest trailer for DQ:
Music - DST-EventHorizon -
Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License

Talk to you next week. Cheers!

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